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1.Why some are there so many undernourished seal pups?
this is the result of too early separation from the female. the female feeds the baby an average of 5 weeks, after which the pup begins an independent life. he needs to build up enough  normal fat reserves before he starts to hunt productively, that is, until he learns to eat fish. before fish seals eat low-calorie, but slow and accessible crabs, sea crustaceans and molluscs. for the undernourished seal pup it is not enough food, and it quickly loses fat.
2.What happens to the mother seals?
sometimes she dies, usually in nets. but the main reason for early separation from the mother seal are two things: people and the storms. people (including ships passing too close to the rookeries) scare animals on rookeries into panic, after which the mother loses her calves, so that she cannot find them by voice. a number of the pups wash away from the shore in a storm into the sea and end up on a different shore or island. (in some cases when a female becomes a mother for the first time she refuses to feed the child.)
3.Why do distressed seals often have infected eyes (like conjunctivitis or similar)?
eyes, nose, airways – all become dried up with mucous from dehydration. which for the pups is a direct result of malnutrition.
4.Seals in need
we provide emergency help for seals in trouble. such assistance is typically required for cubs, prematurely separated from their mother, but also for victims in the vicinity of residential ...as (wounded, bitten by dogs, contaminated by oil products, entangled). our main goal is - to return the animal to a healthy, natural environment, untamed and retaining their natural hunting skills. if you're walking during the spring along the coast near vladivostok and find a distressed or injured seal, you can reach us by calling any of the phone numbers listed on the contact page. we will come quickly. we have also rescued seals ... along the primorye coast. to prevent possible harm to you or the seal, we will ask you to carry out certain instructions prior to our arrival. please be kind and compassionate to the children of the sea. do not hurt them! help them if you see that they ... in trouble. do not leave them to die from their wounds, in pain and hungry. just one phone call and a little compassion can save their lives. the site is made with the sponsorship support of internet company "doc2web", the netherlands.
5.What to do if you find a seal in need
on the primorye coast from march to may, and even within nearby populated ...as you may find largha seal pups that were born this year. many seal pups die before the end of spring due to early separation from the mother, who was unable to return to the cub, often due to tragic circumstances. undernourished pups ... unable to survive having too little fat reserves. these seal pups ... doomed to die. signs of exhaustion on seal pups ... visible even to the non-professional eye, malnutrition causes highly visible neck and hip bones, the skin hangs in folds. such baby seals can be saved and returned to the sea in the summer. we have been feeding and caring for the rehabilitation of spotted, puppy seals in need. if you come across a seal in need of help on the shores, please do not leave him to die. to save a distressed seal you must perform the following steps: · do not throw an exhausted or wounded seal in the water, but rather try to stop him from going into the sea. · get ​​in touch with the seal hospital employees, tell them about the condition of the seal and if possible stay with him until the arrival of rescue workers, protect him from dogs. · wait until the arrival of specialists, allow the seal to be as stress-free as possible. · do not make noise. if you decide to move the seal please follow the instruction given by the seal hospital employees. · do not warm the animal (if in a car, please turn the heating off) and do not try to feed: milk – poison for seals, seal pups will not have eaten fish yet. · do not put a seal pup in a bucket of water. · for your own safety, do not stroke the seal - its bite is dangerous to humans. the saliva of marine mammals gets into the blood and can cause seal mycoplasmosis. ps. if you have heard in some tv reports about what we feed seals; we do not feed them milk as milk is poisonous for a seal, watch out for bad journalism. sometimes even a fat seal may need help. if, despite the app...ntly good condition, a pup looks lethargic, motionless, and doesn’t try to escape into the water at your approach, it is a sure sign that all is not right. here is a female in an extreme state of exhaustion, weighing just five-kilogram, a few months later she was released back into the sea to be a strong and healthy seal: seals ... often entangled in old nets and slowly die from suffocation or wounds (as would be the case if no help had arrived), or from starvation, because they ... unable to move normally or hunt. another problem for seal pups - oil. this puppy was ... in 2009 in vladivostok in the egersheld and passed into the hands of professionals at "seal". in the autumn he returned safely to the sea. if he had not received help, he would have died: fuel oil stained animal become a victim of severe intoxication. employees at 'seal' promise to keep you informed about the future of your rescued animal, and also to invite you to its release into the sea.
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А если горизонтальная картинка и ты будешь рада с ее серединой, то так и зашли. Если выберешь slideshow. То появятся параметры скорости и, если надо, увеличения. И после ОК создасться папка с этим названием, куда ты поместишь картинки для слайдшоу. И туда уже с помощью иконки “+” ты засылаешь картинки. Сколько хочешь. По опыту знаю, что лучше, не больше 10-ти, а то медленно будет страница грузиться. Когда новая картинка или слайдшоу готовы, то идешь на страницу, где ты их хочешь видеть. Открываешь свойства и выбираешь новую картинку в article header: ok и картинка/слайды на странице. Продолжение следует. Еще немного осталось.