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2.Our seals
3.Frequently asked questions about seals
4.What is the biggest cause of seal pup death?
from the depletion of fat reserves causing dehydration. ... fat - is not only protection from the cold on ice or in ice water, but also a source of energy ... fluids for the body. ...s do not drink. after a period of too little food, the body fat is used up, ... also the ...s drinking fluids.  depleted animals have no strength to search for food, it gets sick from hypothermia, or an excessive number of parasites, which have become critical to the weakened organism. ... dehydrated animal blood pressure falls, he falls into a coma ... dies.
5.Why some are there so many undernourished seal pups?
this is the result of too early separation from the female. the female feeds the baby an average of 5 weeks, after which the pup begins an independent life. he needs to build up enough  normal fat reserves before he starts to hunt productively, that is, until he learns to eat fish. before fish ...s eat low-calorie, but slow ... accessible crabs, sea crustaceans ... molluscs. for the undernourished ... pup it is not enough food, ... it quickly loses fat.
6.What happens to the mother seals?
sometimes she dies, usually in nets. but the main reason for early separation from the mother ... are two things: people ... the storms. people (including ships passing too close to the rookeries) scare animals on rookeries into panic, after which the mother loses her calves, so that she cannot find them by voice. a number of the pups wash away from the shore in a storm into the sea ... end up on a different shore or isl.... (in some cases when a female becomes a mother for the first time she refuses to feed the child.)
7.Why do they need to be saved, if the population is not threatened?
... why not? a less painful death is better than being tortured to death.
8.Why do you only feed them a diet of herring? After all, they eat other fish in the sea.
because the herring has super qualities . this is the fish on which ...s gain weight by leaps ... bounds. ... our challenge – is as much as possible to reduce length of the ...s stay in captivity.
9.Can seal pups adapt to a normal life in nature after captivity?
yes. all rehabilitation centers around the world have rules that allow the ...s to remain wild. we also keep to these rules.
10.Why can’t you stitch the wounded seals, instead of treating the wounds?
because of their body fat - a very favorable environment for the development of abscesses, ... if the wound is closed, the infections will have nowhere to go, an abscess is guaranteed.
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