Seals in need - Rehabilitation Center "Seal" in Russia
Release - 23.07.2012

We provide emergency help for seals in trouble. Such assistance is typically required for cubs, prematurely separated from their mother, but also for victims in the vicinity of residential areas (wounded, bitten by dogs, contaminated by oil products, entangled). Our main goal is - to return the animal to a healthy, natural environment, untamed and retaining their natural hunting skills.

If you're walking during the spring along the coast near Vladivostok and find a distressed or injured seal, you can reach us by calling any of the phone numbers listed on the contact page. We will come quickly. We have also rescued seals found along the Primorye coast. To prevent possible harm to you or the seal, we will ask you to carry out certain instructions prior to our arrival.

Please be kind and compassionate to the children of the sea. Do not hurt them! Help them if you see that they are in trouble. Do not leave them to die from their wounds, in pain and hungry.

Just one phone call and a little compassion can save their lives.

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